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Wisconsin Business IT Solutions offers depth of services and certified experts, whether you're looking to outsource 100% of your IT needs or require support as needed for network assessment and planning, network administration or special projects.

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 Network Assessment and Planning 100% IT Department Outsourcing
 º Network diagram  
 º Network review Support As-Needed
 IT Projects Network Administration
 º Server Implementations / Upgrades º Server
 º Security Reviews       º 2016, 2012, OS X
 º Workstation Deployments
      º Exchange
 º Network Backup       º SharePoint
        º File and Print Services
Scheduled Maintenance       º Web Hosting
 º Network Security Updates º Workstation and Laptops
 º Security Access Reviews       º Windows 10, 7, OS X
  º Printers
      º Network and Standalone
º Tablets º  Tablets
º Remote Access º  Network Antivirus
º Microsoft Office º  Hardware / Software Sales and Installation
º Windows º  Onsite and Offsite Data Backups
º OS X
º  Secure Employee Remote Access
System Optimization / Tune Up
º  Router and Firewall Administration

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• Network Assessment & Planning
100% IT Dept Outsourcing
Network Administration
IT Projects
Scheduled Maintenance 
System Optimization & Tune Up
Training & Consulting 
Hardware & Software
Workstation Setup